About us

The attractions at the LIDO Recreation Centre have been there for a long time, but amusement park LIDOLANDE gradually started to develop in 2011, when cooperation between LIDO and Annels began.

Since then, the range of attractions in LIDOLANDE has grown and now there is available attractions for different tastes and ages, every season of the year.

There are several carousels in the amusement park, such as the classic ones „Horses”, „Dream Ships”, „Little Train” and, during the summer season, the chain carousel „Vortex”. Attractions, such as „Trampolines”, „Velocarts” and „Bumper Cars”, are running all year long. It is also worth mentioning prize attractions in the amusement park, where anyone have the opportunity to try their luck, accuracy and agility – „King of the Jars”, „Hippodrome”, „Darts”, „Duck Pond”, „ Shooting gallery” and „Shooting gallery with prizes”.

In the summer season, LIDOLANDE offers an inflatable city where You can find, not only inflatable attractions, but also many different inflatable objects. Right next to it everyone have the opportunity to try the „Waterballs”, find the fastest way through the „Inflatable Maze”, take a ride with the mini-cars in „Little Riga” and in the large pool – with „Boats”.